Most sedans and hatchbacks are equipped with a front-wheel drive, which is reliable and efficient on dry roads. This type of driveline configuration is relatively inexpensive to manufacture and maintain, so auto companies take advantage of its benefits. A FWD system receives all available power and torque from a transmission system. However, this drivetrain is not optimized to perform well on slippery surfaces.

A rear-wheel drive is common in sports cars, pickup trucks and some sport utility vehicles. Driveshafts and differentials are some important components that transfer torque from the gearbox to the rear wheels. A RWD is tuned for superb cornering and other swift maneuvers, especially in lightweight roadsters and fastback-type sedans. Pickup trucks and SUVs with heavy-duty ratings can tow with optimal stability thanks to this type of driveline system that has good weight-bearing attributes. Luxury Motors of Rehoboth Beach sells and leases new models that are available with FWD and RWD.



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