Luxury Motors of Rehoboth Beach is the kind dealer that values you not only as a customer but a person. This spirit has earned us the respect of many in Rehoboth Beach and surrounding communities. One thing we would like drivers to learn about is a basic emergency assistance kit because breakdowns could happen.

What You Need to Have

You can always add more stuff to the list, but the following should cover the basics:
  • Jumper cables, which will help you start your car or someone else's who might be stranded on the road
  • Flashlight with plenty of batteries because a breakdown could happen at night
  • First aid kit, just in case you need to treat a wound
  • Tools, vehicle related fluids, and a replacement tire in case you need to do a little work
  • Triangle reflectors or flares to help signal a warning to other drivers
Hopefully, you never have to use the items mentioned here, but they are good to have just in case. Help us help you reduce the chances of this happening by having our service department inspect your vehicle regularly.



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