Our Luxury Motors of Rehoboth Beach team consists of auto enthusiasts who also happen to be drivers just like you. Just like you, we're always trying to get the most bang for bucks that we put into our cars. Fuel economy is one major way to do so. Here's how to improve fuel economy, no matter what you drive.

Take it Easy on the Road

You can save up to a dollar per gallon of gas that your car utilizes by driving sensibly. Behaviors like hard braking, quick acceleration and speeding lower your gas mileage by up to 30 percent on the highway and 40 percent in bumper-to-bumper traffic. Taking it easy on the road in Rehoboth Beach is also safer, making sense and cents.

Move Cargo From Roof to Rear

We know that hauling rooftop cargo is inevitable, but it's also true that it decreases fuel economy by 25 percent at interstate speeds. By contrast, rear cargo only negates fuel economy by less than 5 percent.

Learn tons of other tips to help you improve your car's fuel economy. Swing by our dealership today for a chat or just to test drive an efficient vehicle.


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