Winter Tire Rubber is Ineffective in Warm Weather

Here at Luxury Motors of Rehoboth Beach, we make it a point to help our customers and others to get the most out of their vehicles. One way to accomplish this task is to make sure to use the proper tires in the proper seasons.

Many drivers make the mistake of using the wrong tires for prevailing weather conditions. This includes drivers who use winter tires during warm weather months. While using studless rubber winter tires in the summer may seem safe, and actually presents several clear dangers.

For one thing, studless winter tires are made of specially treated rubbers. These rubbers stay supple during cold winter months and provide added traction during these times. Unfortunately, summer driving conditions can quickly weaken and erode these rubbers and cause increased tire wear. Similarly, studless winter tires include special sipe and grove shapes that are maximized for ice and snow use. To ensure proper tire wear and road grip, drivers should always switch from winter to summer tires at the proper times.



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