Avoiding Distracted Driving Delivers Safer Roads

Distracted drivers are everywhere, putting the lives of many at risk every day out on the roads. The safe driving enthusiasts at Luxury Motors of Rehoboth Beach want you to have the knowledge and power to be safe while driving at all times.

One of the biggest conduits of distracted driving is the cell phone. Savvy drivers understand the importance of staying off of your cell phone completely while driving. Pull over if you need to make a call and use your phone for emergency situations only.

Drowsiness is also a big factor in distracted driving. Getting off the road is the best course of action if you feel too tired to drive safely. Other guilty culprits associated with distracted driving include drinking and eating while trying to operate a vehicle, attempting to put on make-up, and primping. Your car should not be the place you conduct business or attempt to multi-task.



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