For some Rehoboth Beach drivers, changing a flat tire is a simple, hassle-free experience. For others, this task can be incredibly daunting whenever emergency roadside services aren't on hand to help. At Luxury Motors of Rehoboth Beach, we're excited to share a few quick tips for making this often essential task infinitely easier.

Familiarize Yourself With Your Tire-Changing Tools

Don't wait until you're stranded on the side of the road to locate your spare, jack, and other essentials. Take a look at your owner's manual to find out exactly where these things are stored. Inspecting them and learning how to use them will prove infinitely easier when you aren't crunched for time, exposed to the rain, or working in darkness. As you familiarize yourself with these things, you should also read through the instructions for changing a tire that are published in the manual. This will inform you of any vehicle-specific requirements that this process entails.

Make Sure That You're Working On A Stable, Level Surface

?One of the most important steps in changing a tire is making sure that you're working on a flat, stable surface. Do not try to set your jack up on a muddy or grassy area, and avoid changing tires on steep inclines. A stable surface will prevent the jack from sinking, and a flat, level surface will keep the vehicle from rolling. For professional help with all your automotive maintenance, come see us at Luxury Motors of Rehoboth Beach today.


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