Staying safe on the roads in winter can be especially challenging. Slick surfaces and large snow mounds are but two of the many obstacles that motorists might face. At Luxury Motors of Rehoboth Beach, we want to share two tips for keeping everyone comfortable and warm should you ever get stuck in the snow.

Conserve Fuel By Only Using The Heater To Knock Back The Chill

Even in their rugged, all-weather vehicles, emergency roadside assistance services can have a hard time getting to you. This makes it important to use your available fuel conservatively. Turn your heater on just long enough to beat back the chill. It's also a good idea to have a few extra jackets and sweaters in the trunk just in case you get stranded.

Don't Leave Your Vehicle For Longer Than You Have To

?Although a car isn't the ideal winter shelter, it's a lot better than facing the ravages of direct exposure while hiking for help on your own. It will also be a lot easier for response teams to find you if you stay with your auto. Pay careful attention to your body when attempting to dig your car out or when taking other troubleshooting measures outside of the vehicle. If you ever feel numb, winded, or dizzy, retreat to the comfort of the vehicle interior. To learn more safe winter driving strategies, or to test drive one of our autos, come see us at Luxury Motors of Rehoboth Beach today.


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